Welcome to our site. At Washburn, we are known as Ichtus. Originally we were the Wesley Foundation at Washburn. After the 1966 tornado we changed our name to Ecumenical Campus Ministries at Washburn. In the 90′s we changed our name to Campus Ministry at Washburn. To know more about why “Ichtus” check out the tab that says “Our Name.”

We are a United Methodist campus ministry. Understanding that the love of Christ is for all, we are also ecumenical. That is a fancy word that means that it doesn’t matter from what church you come from, and even if you do not come from any church, you will always be welcomed here.

We send weekly updates and devotions while school is in session. If you are a student, you can sign up here. If you are not a student but would like to receive sporadic emails, you can sign up here.

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